Conditions of Confinement

Conditions of prison confinement, especially at the higher security levels, are becoming more and more restricted in terms of inmate association, movement and assembly. A changing and more complex inmate profile presents a range of population management challenges, including gang membership, substance abuse, drugs in prisons, cultural diversity and the prevalence of mental health problems. A decline in dynamic security practices has led to an over-reliance on more static methods of exercising custodial control and compliance. A more restricted prison regime does not necessarily lead to safer working conditions for staff or a more positive living environment for offenders. The Office continues to monitor the impact of prison crowding on safe, secure and humane custody.

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Issues of Concern

  • Use of force
  • Management of correctional sub-populations
  • Dynamic security
  • Prison crowding
  • Influence of drugs and gangs in prison
  • Diversity in corrections

Reports & Recommendations

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