Safe and Timely Reintegration

The law provides that the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC) "shall provide a range of programs designed to address the needs of offenders and contribute to their successful reintegration into the community." CSC provides a number of what are considered "core" correctional programs which target factors and needs associated with criminal behaviour. These core programs include: violence prevention, substance abuse, family violence prevention, sex offender programs, and community maintenance programs.

These same programs are required for an offender to be prepared and supported for conditional release, including day and full parole eligibility. As population pressures mount, the Correctional Service is under intense pressure to deliver quality, timely, accessible and credible programs to facilitate offender reintegration.

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Issues of Concern

  • Timely access to programs
  • Programming for aging and Aboriginal offenders
  • Case Preparation concerns
  • Waivers, postponements and withdrawals of Parole Board hearings related to program access
  • Conditional release trends

Reports & Recommendations

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