CCRA 2.0 - Strategic Planning Exercise: Legislative Framework Consistent with Evidence-Based Policy and Best Practices

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For Immediate Release

Ottawa, May 14, 2019 Canada needs a comprehensive review of the current Corrections and Conditional Release Act (CCRA), which is now over 25 years old. As a first step, my Office took the initiative and drafted a “CCRA 2.0” titled The Corrections and Community Reintegration Act.

Development involved a review of basic principles and correctional best practices – both domestic and international. We also introduced a much-needed legislative preamble. I believe that this draft legislation is consistent with evidence-based law and policy, incorporates correctional best practices, and demonstrates what would be required for significant legislative reform.

My hope is that this proposed legislation will inspire a comprehensive review of the CCRA, and will generate a dialogue on how best to enhance public safety while fostering a correctional environment respectful of human rights for both prisoners and staff.

Ivan Zinger, J.D., Ph.D.

Correctional Investigator of Canada


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Ms. Monette Maillet
Executive Director

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